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We help you address deadlines, time-sensitive schedules or high value shipments with proactive planning and sense of urgency.

Flexible trucking solutions

Move any size, any time!

Part Charter

Split charter or Part charter allows you to hire part of the plane's cargo for mid size air cargo

PC - Paer Charters.png

Full Charter

A full charter service grants you the use of an entire aircraft for your cargo and direct to destination 

FC - Full Charters.png

Back - to - Back

reserve the necessary space for your goods and cargo on a scheduled flight to your destination

Back to Back.png

Cargo Consolidation

Consolidate and de-consolidate your cargo, reach multiple customers and scale distribution

Cargo Consolidation.png

Make sure your shipments arrive safely and on time.  Our team is trained and specialized in analyzing various scenarios to provide you with the most suitable and cost-effective solution that meet your logistics needs

Why choose Air Freight


Utilises both passenger and cargo aircraft in order to quickly transport shipments around the world. A highly time efficient form of freight shipping ideal for those with tight deadlines to meet. Goods destined for fast paced commodity markets are typically transported by air.

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